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Catherine Joanna Buss with GADIS SAMPUL 2018

My experience at Gadis Sampul 2018 - a teens magazine cover girl competition. I was born premature and only weighed 1.5 kg and spent 4 weeks in the NICU. Later a tumor evolved in my nose but that tumor was successfully removed through surgery when I was 10. This month I got to the final 20 finalists of Gadis Sampul 2018 out of thousand applicants. I was not in the top 3 but I had a fantastic experience, learnt to perform on stage at the Jakarta Fashion Week opening and made new friends. In this event I had a chance to introduce Sekolah Lentera Indonesia and I thank you for the support for the school management, teachers, parents and friends as one big SLI family. The theme of Gadis Sampul 2018 is BE YOU, NOT THEM. I learnt that each of us is special. I want to encourage all the teenagers, whatever is your background, your appearance, your sickness or disability, you can stand tall, be brave and reach out for your dreams and achieve your goals. Catherine Joanna Buss

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