Building Character & Academic Excellence

Parents Comments

Our daughter is now in her third college year in San Fransisco. She has adapted very well and we are proud to see her results in flying colors. SLI laid a good foundation in learning and character building.

Comment from: Mr. & Mrs. Jaury

Parents Of: Tiffany

We transferred our two children mid year. Our oldest son really struggled to adapt to his new learning environment. We appreciate the support and encouragement provided by the teachers and the Elementary Principal. Now, he is in the middle school and is very motivated in learning. We see a vast difference in his confidence and motivation. On the other hand, our daughter enjoyed and flourished in her new environment. We noticed the difference in their motivation and character. The character building is strongly embedded into the daily interactions at school. We made the right decision to move both our children to SLI.

Comment from: Mr. & Mrs. Pasaribu

Parents Of: Tobias,Talya

Rachel had to travel to the US for several months. We were worried she would find it difficult to adjust when she returned to school. We are thankful that her teachers are very supportive and encouraging. She performed extremely well under such a positive environment and she loves SLI.

Comment from: Mr. & Mrs. Semaun

Parents Of: Rachel

We have 5 children, twins. When they finished Kindergarten, we searched for the right school. Both my wife and I visited many schools and SLI was the final choice. We appreciate the emphasis on multiple intelligences and genuine learning experiences, as well as the character building. We are impressed by the quality of education and excellent command of English my children are getting. They are now in the Middle School and we are very proud parents.

Comment from: Mr. & Mrs.Tjokrosetio

Parents Of: Douglas, Dominique, Deidree, Danny, Dylon

We are so grateful for the foundation our eldest daughter obtained in SLI. She was admitted into Melbourne University and has adjusted very well in her new environment. Our younger daughter and son are still in SLI. We appreciate the rigorous academic training and character building. We know our children are under safe care and supervision.

Comment from: Mr. & Mrs. Hong

Parents Of: Nicole,Joseph,Jason


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