Academic Program

The SLI elementary curriculum is a combination of the established Cambridge Primary framework and the national curriculum from the ministry of education. Our vetted and qualified teachers are equipped with many tools to make learning interesting and enriching through hands-on and real-life application.

SLI students learn to be proactive learners. They are taught and encouraged to express their opinions, think critically, analyse and ask questions, as well as explore their passions.

Our students also participate in various national and international competitions such as SASMO Math Olympiad, Vanda Science competition, World Scholars’ Cup, Spelling Bees, and many others to expand their horizons.

Apart from academics, we have a wide range of events and activities that help students develop their creativity and adaptability. Events such as SMAIL week, Sports day and SLI carnival provide the platform for our students to showcase their talents. SMAIL at SLI is an engaging interdisciplinary week that integrates the areas of Science, Music, Arts, ICT, and Languages. At SLI, we teach students to be communicators of all three languages: English, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin.

To complement our rigorous academic program, we also believe in instilling a Godly character that will nurture our young learners into responsible, resilient and admirable world leaders. Our curated CARE (Character building and Region) programme place an emphasis on the application of Christian values through relatable daily activities. Through this, our students will develop to be life-long learners with strong characters and values.

With parents as our partners, dedicated teaching staff as our pillars and God’s Words as our guiding light, together we strive to give the best education for each student under our care.


Indonesian Ministry of Education

Cambridge Primary Framework

(English, Mathematics and Science)