Academic Program

The Middle and High School curriculum follows the well-known Cambridge Programme – Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge Upper Secondary, and Cambridge Advanced. Their global, dynamic, and culturally sensitive approach challenges students to think critically and inspires them to be innovative. In addition to its outstanding academic program, Sekolah Lentera Indonesia also emphasizes the development of its students’ character. We want our students to have a growth mindset and a lasting passion for learning.

In their first two years of secondary school (Grade 7-8), students will receive a broad and balanced education that will provide a strong foundation throughout their schooling. Students are given plenty of opportunities to hone their creativity, expression, and well-being. Our teachers will provide periodic assessments for our students to help make informed decisions about each student’s educational needs and where to focus their teaching efforts.

In the following two years (Grade 9-10), students are prepped to take the International General Certificate in Secondary Education (IGCSE) exam. IGCSE programs are externally assessed by Cambridge at the end of the two years and lead to qualifications in individual subjects. Students will take core courses such as English, Mathematics, and Global Perspectives. They will also be able to choose from other electives such as Economics, Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), Accounting, Business, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Arts, and ICT. These exams can play a significant role in building a foundation for the university years.

In the last two years of their high school education (Grade 11-12), students are further refined in their ability to apply their knowledge, reason logically, present ideas and arguments in an organized and coherent manner, and make educated judgments and decisions. In these two years, students are provided with the space to be active agents of their own learning. We believe it is crucial to equip our graduates with independent study skills before sending them off for further education.

Finally, complementing our rigorous academic programs are opportunities to extend their learning outside the classroom through diverse co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, such as the Speech and Public Speaking Club, the Student Council, and different Competitive Sports teams. SLI also offers a variety of programs for their emotional, spiritual, and professional needs. Our key programs include Academic Learning Support, Counselling, Career Guidance, and Character and Religious Education (CARE).

MHS Curriculum Ladder