Welcome to SLI

Sekolah Lentera Indonesia (SLI) is an expanding Christian school committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and character building, where students are educated for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

Our Vision

With its integrated & updated teaching approach, SLI strives to nurture students to be at their BEST,
  • Believe in and Fear God
  • Enjoy the learning processes
  • Strive to reach their highest potential, and to respect themselves and others
  • Think creatively and proactively in a rapidly changing world.

Our Mission

We endeavor to give broad exposure to a core body of knowledge, ensure depth of understanding and appreciation of connectedness between disciplines, cultural literacy, and ability to communicate with confidence.
It incorporates the best of the latest educational methods from all over the world. This includes: creative & critical thinking, including fluency in English; the intellectual rigor of high academic standards, especially in Mathematics & Science; and real-world practicality in its focus on project work & community involvement.

Our Story

Sekolah Lentera Indonesia (SLI) is an expanding Christian school committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and character building, where students are educated for lives of purpose, service, and leadership.
The SLI team is equipped to promote and nurture the students in achieving these objectives. Our dedicated teachers offer a wide variety of subjects. The SLI curriculum is aligned with the international standard of the UK Cambridge IGCSE and A Levels. With its safe, modern facilities and healthy environment, supported by a qualified and experienced teaching team, SLI provides students with a myriad of opportunities to enhance their learning and to maximize their potential, as well as their life experiences and social relationships.
Regular character building workshops/camps, and international exchange programs are organized to help students develop positive self-image, team-building, and leadership skills. Parental support and parent-teacher communication are strongly encouraged in the educational process.


SLI seeks to provide a nurturing and challenging environment for our nation’s future leaders. We strive to develop and provide a constantly growing educational program dedicated to academic excellence and character building.
We believe that every student is a unique and valuable individual, who deserves the best educational opportunities in his/her life. Students must have the right to express their expectations in learning and develop to their best potential. Furthermore, education must foster not only the academic and intellectual, but also the social, moral-ethical, emotional and spiritual growth. We believe that students excel in a nurturing environment that fosters: love of learning, relationship building, and self-motivation.
We believe that the most effective educational system requires a dedicated and interactive group of students, teachers and the community. We believe that the best educators are the parents and teachers, who are in tune with the needs and emotional development of the children. The teachers work closely with the families & community. Parents’ involvement is vital in the teaching-learning process. The interaction amongst the educators and the students must be governed by godly values and strong moral virtues.

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Objectives of Education


Emotional Intelligence & Life Skills

Students will learn to develop self-awareness and self-mastery through learning and internalizing essential character principles that lead to personal effectiveness and success.

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

Students will develop competence in receptive (listening and reading comprehension) and expressive (speaking and writing) skills. They will learn to appreciate and evaluate the different modes of communication in the literary, visual and performing arts. They will also learn to communicate effectively themselves.

Critical & Creative Thinking

Students will learn to infer, deduce and question, and hence cultivate a rigorous thinking process that is logical, lateral and imaginative. They will also develop the competence to apply and transfer knowledge and skills learnt across disciplines, and recognize the relevance and inter-connection of what is learnt.

Global Perspective & Understanding

Students will cultivate their cultural and international sensitivity through the awareness of global affairs.

World Readiness in the Digital & Genetic Age

Students will develop competence to take on the challenges of the 21st century, as we cope with the huge possibilities and accompanying challenges brought to us by the information technology; and as breakthrough in molecular biology and genetic engineering present massive potentialities and dilemmas. Students will be equipped through the knowledge of the issues and skills in question and the values to manage the challenges.

Independent & Positive Learning Attitude

Students will develop self-directed inquiry and life-long learning skills in the process of learning how to fish rather than be given the fish. They will learn to monitor their own learning, and develop a positive and responsible attitude toward learning and work.

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