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SLI had made me become who I am today, gave me a lot of real friends who would stick together even til today. I enjoyed my stay in SLI and I had been in SLI ever since they opened. I saw SLI growing from the first day they opened til I graduated. Most of my memories are placed in SLI and most of them were good memories. Overall SLI had been a great impact in my life and i will always remember that.

Karina Nathan

My time in SLI was truly a memorable time. My character was built mentally and spiritually. This is where i found my lifelong friends. My academic knowledge rose incredibly, from the guy who almost fails every class to an engineer.

Christopher Wijadnarko

I spent almost one third of my life here in SLI, it was definitely not easy to just forget all the memories and the people here I met here. My stay in SLI was a long 6 years and yet a short one. It was long because of all the exams and assignments. Short because of the lifelong friendships, memories and the amazing things I learned here. I’m glad that I enjoyed the little things that I had here and I wouldn’t trade the moments I experienced for anything. Lentera will forever be my home, thank you for shaping who I am today.

Stefanny Wijaya

SLI felt like family to me because of how tight knit the community is. I felt like my teachers genuinely cared for me and supported me throughout every step, always there for me whenever I stumbled or needed advice! As a batch, my friends and I were inseperable. We were with each other through thick and thin, during and beyond our time in SLI. It is a solid support system, one that reminds me to be humble and to do everything with love. I’m grateful to have been surrounded by people who have made me the person I am today.

Elaine Michelle The