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As parents, selection of school for our daughters is the most difficult decision to decide. All of us want a school that could provide a safe and nurturing environment for the kids to grow. I sincerely believe that SLI has a culture that fosters student acceptance which helps to nurture my daughters. The school provides a balance of excellent academics teachings coupled with outstanding life and social skills. Students value diversity; I am thrilled to see my daughters get along well with all her friends in and out of the classroom, appreciates and respects all their classmates. We could be considered lucky as the teachers that handled our daughter were compassionate, creative, inspiring, and caring, all at the same time, which is a rare combination to find in primary school teachers nowadays. In short, I am satisfied with my daughters’ experiences at SLI and would recommend the school to other parents.

Hans & Ratna Pola

We have 2 daughters. Karla, 18 years old, just recently graduated from SLI and Andrea, 10 years old, is currently in grade 5.

There are many reasons why we chose SLI to be the place for our daughters to study. We knew we could never find a perfect school, but we knew what we were looking for in a school.

Here are a few important factors for us as parents when we choose a school for our daughters.

1. We have to share the same values. We believe that our daughters should not just be excellent academically, but also have great characters and attitudes. We are glad that SLI taking the character building of our daughters seriously. We know that the biggest part should be done from home, but when the school also taking character building seriously, it will speed up the process. We could see our daughters grow in their respect for others, being responsible, having integrity, being more courageous, discipline and caring for others.

2. We have to share the same missions. We are glad that SLI’s missions are to nurture students to: – Believe in God – Enjoy their learning process – Strive to achieve their best potential in themselves – Think creatively and proactively We truly believe in God. So it’s important that the school that our daughters go to help them to grow in their faith. We want our daughters to be excited to go to school every day because they enjoy their time at school. They should love their classes, their teachers and their friends. We can also see how they grow from year to year academically. We thank God that our Daughters could get great results. We owed these to all Teachers who have sincerely and diligently helped them. We saw the Students were not limited to the classroom leanings – but they can be creative through group works and all kind of assignments. They also learn leadership skills and problem solving through organizing real events like Character Camps, School Events like Sports Days, Science Week, Literacy Week, SLI Cup and even Community Services.

3. We can maintain a good communication with the Teachers. The Teachers should be our partners in raising up our children. It’s important that we can communicate and discuss how we can help our children better. The Agenda, WA group, the PTCs really helped us to find the best solutions and ways to help our children to grow. Our daughters know that we are in a good communication with their Teachers. It’s always encouraging to hear how our children speak proudly about their Teachers.

4. We need to feel secure the advantage of SLI being a small school, it feels like a family. We can know all the Teachers, the school Staff, our children’s friends and fellow parents. That brings a lot of security to us. We also feel secure that many parents are actively involved and it forms such a great parent’s community. It’s not only the kids who make new friends, but the parents, too.

5. We are equipped and supported as parents, we believe we also need to continue to grow. We are grateful that the school has organized many parenting talks and seminars. We could learn a lot and grow as parents. Parents are also encouraged to participate and involve through all kind of School events.

Overall, it’s been a wonderful partnership with SLI in nurturing and raising our 2 daughters. We are looking forward to many more exciting years to come.

Budi & Listiana Hartono