Subject for Elementary

Subject for Elementary



We Aim To Build Skills Of:
  • Reading & Understanding Different Texts & Their Meanings
  • Writing For A Variety Of Purposes & For Real Life Situations
  • Communication Through Speaking & Listening & Performing To Different Audiences


We Aim To Build Skills Of:
  • Investigating Real Life Situations & Problems
  • Analysing Numbers & The World Around Them
  • Critical Thinking Through Problem Solving


We Aim To Build Skills Of:
  • Investigation Of The World & How Things Work
  • Discovering Why Things Occur
  • Understanding Science & How It Relates To Themselves

Foreign Languages

  • Introduced As A Second Language
  • Uses Application Skills
Indonesian Studies
  • Designed With The Guidelines From The National Curriculum
  • Develop Students’ Language Competency

Social Studies ICT

Social Studies
  • Well - Informed Students
  • Attitudes Towards The World Around Them
  • Introduce Students To Different Technical And Operating Skills
  • Students-centered Activities

CARE, Music, Art & PE

Music, Art and PE
  • Appreciate Different Talents
  • Encourage Students To Explore And Develop Different Interests In All Areas
  • A Vital Role To The Success Of Our Students
  • Develop Into God-fearing, Adaptive Individuals
  • Students Learn The Meaning Of Sharing, Giving, Building Up Their Character, Leadership Etc…

Student’s Talents

  • Basketball Tournament
  • Spelling Bee
  • Math Olympiad
  • Story-telling
  • Soccer Tournament


  • Junior Student Council & Leadership Programmes
  • Student Counselling Programme
  • Community Service
  • Knowledge Sharing with others
  • House System

A Lively Schedule Of Events And Activities:

  • Breakfast with Daddy
  • Little Career Day
  • Independence Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • Art, Literacy & Music Concert
  • Drama Musical Productions
  • Science & ICT Day
  • School Carnival/Fun Day
  • Christmas Sing-a-long
  • Charity Events & Projects
  • Educational Field Trips

Subjects for Elementary School